This is the 10th year of our annual charity bicycle ride a continuation of our altruistic endeavor for a full decade.

Every year we select two donation recipients. The first day lunch sponsor recipient, and the overall recipient. This year we have selected Seattle's Bike Works (, and Team Gleason ( ) respectively; more information is available for both at the above links.

Participating on behalf of Team Gleason will be Blair Casey (look for him in the Gleason documentary available on Amazon and iTunes), and Brandon Boudreaux, both from New Orleans, which is the hometown of Team Gleason.

So far we have raised:


Team Gleason

$44,535 of our $50,000 goal

89% of our target

BikeWorks Seattle

$16,544 of our $10,000 goal

exceeded our goal at 165%  !!!

figures as of 30 August 2019